Basilicata Vela is a yacht club of the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) and an authorized federal sailing school (cod. 1347).

The yacht club can release abilitations and certificates that attest the competence level achieved and that could be useful for training titles and credits.

Besides, Basilicata Vela is a member of the CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee) and offers courses in several sailing disciplines for sportsmen/women and tourists of every age:

  • kitesurf
  • windsurf
  • dinghy
  • catamarans
  • cruiser boat

At the same time the yacht club offers holiday courses for adults and young sailors during holiday periods. These run Monday through to Friday. Learning this way in a small group is fun, a great way to start sailing and make new friends, and still gives you some spare time to experience the other attractions of a holiday here in Basilicata.